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Morocco can be experienced without ever opening your eyes, and you would still have one of the most exotic trips of your life.  Years after first visiting, I can still bring myself back to my experience through the sense of smell.  Everything from the aromatic spices to the fresh breads, tagines, mint tea, oranges and even the not so best smells of the tanneries, they all ignite something inside of you.  It’s like a gravitational pull to bring you into your present state and awaken whatever’s been dormant.

With that said, there are so many things to see.  Alongside the beautiful architecture, and some of the most welcoming people I’ve met, there are beautiful handcrafts paying tribute to the culture and heritage.

As soon as I first saw the Baraka handbags, I knew I found something really special.   I was drawn to the rich colors and design, and only later did I learn that they are made from re-purposed prayer mats.  Baraka is a prominent concept in Islamic mysticism.  It symbolizes the connection between the divine and the worldly, and it’s what these handbags pay tribute to.  Each Moroccan carpet bag is made by hand in Marrakech, and each is a beautiful juxtaposition of traditional craftmanship and modern aesthetics. 

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