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"Colorful, creative, shiny and unique are the words that describe Milda’s beadwork jewelry. Milda lives in France, Lyon – city of lights. She is self-taught artist and creates jewelry combining glass beads, crystals and gemstones. Color combination goes along with elegance. The unique piece can be a perfect addition to a special event or a great sparkling accent to any outfit. All bracelets and earrings are a self-sufficient jewelry that does not demand any additional accessories. She creates pieces that she would be excited and proud to wear herself. When she starts to create, she never knows the final result. She left an imagination, inspiration and shapes of beads to flow naturally. For every piece, she loves to try new combination of colors, beads to create objects of elegance, harmony and joy. 
Nature is her primary source of inspiration, and color is her main mode of expression. ... Nature is by far the richest source of colors, shapes and positive emotions. The moment of calm while having a cup of green tea.
Milda just loves beading and bead embroidery and it’s only the beginning. To achieve harmony, originality and uniqueness of her jewelry, she spends a lot of time to be in the harmony with herself.
Whether you are looking for inspiration for day, or seeking a little sweetness, welcome to Milda Jewelry … for all who love color. "


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