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Gold/Turquoise Mix Five-Wrap Bracelet
Purple/Gold Lulu Four Strand Bracelet
Blue and Brown Beaded Sunburst Earrings
Turquoise/Yellow Toni Five-Wrap Bracelet
Turquoise/Gold Toni Five-Wrap Bracelet
Pink, Turquoise and Gold Beaded Dangle Drop Earrings
Pink and Blue Beaded Bracelet
Red, Blue and Gold Beaded Oval Earrings
Red and Gold Beaded Dragonfly Earrings
Gold, Turquoise and Pink Beaded Round Drop Earrings
Gold and Blue Beaded Round Drop Earrings
White and Red Beaded Egg Drop Earrings
Purple and Turquoise Beaded Oval Earrings
Red Beaded Chandelier Earrings
Black and Gold Beaded Bracelet

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